Friday, July 22, 2005

Video of 'Precious' by Depeche Mode leaked.

Music: Generation Dub - Body Snatchers (click to download)

The new video for the princes of synth, Depeche Mode, has leaked into IFILM. Watch 'Precious' here (taken down). In its raw form, I have to admit, it does look really funny especially with the text floating around the black background.

As it is, several key websites and blogs have reported that the link to which one can download 'Precious' on mp3 has been shutdown. I shall update you guys once a link resurfaces and publish mirrors if possible. You can read more news on the upcoming DM album 'Playing The Angel' here.

* Update (July 24, 2005): Ok that wasn't so hard! Now, you can download Depeche Mode's morbid new single 'Precious' here, here, here or here. It sounds like it's a bootleg rip but it'll do for now. And since this is Depeche Mode, please get their album when it hits the shelves?

'Precious' remixes:
Titles could be false and could be excluded from the single itself. Confirmation to follow suit.

1) The First Remix X-tended / link
2) Commuter Mix (my personal favourite at the moment) / link link
3) New Beat Remix by Virus / link
4) X-tended Remix V2 / link
5) Dominatrix PreMix / link

It's going to be a long night uploading these later. Please stay tuned. I won't be mirroring the single itself but I shall compile and mirror the remixes by mid-Monday.*

* Final update (July 25, 2005): Done! I've created three mirror links to download a compilation of 5 'Precious' remixes. Get them here, here or here.

* Final update (October 01, 2005): Album edit of 'Precious' ripped at 192kbps can be downloaded here. Quality-wise, I'd say the mp3's an 8 outta 10 so grab the album when it hits stores!

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