Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stop press!

Music: {I'm looking for anything by Motorpsycho, a Scandinavian band...anyone able to contribute?}

It's been three weeks and they're heading back by the middle of next week. I'm saddened. I haven't been able to grasp the fact that my cousin sisters will be gone again till possibly December/January. I've been having a blast with them and where I couldn't make up with quantity, we made up with quality time.

We're off to the karaoke again. More pictures to commence I'm sure. If you're wondering why the hell am I posting all these pictures, well it's because my other cousins in Sweden who were unable to 'tour' this time around might want to catch a few glimpses of the action here. Timmy and Michael, you guys are next!

On a sidenote, newly launched 'Flash-based' music e-zine is here! I'll add this on the navigational bar later on. Look remarkable to say the least.

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