Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sufjan Stevens...I 'kowtow' to you.

Sufjan (pronounced as Sofian for my Malaysian visitors) Stevens. Next big thing in the independent music scene? Hell yes.

I guess great albums do take me awhile to digest and even longer to find out about!

I've just discovered 'Illinois' and it's still a long journey for me as I've only manage to listen to a couple of tracks. Am I too late for the indie bandwagon? I've always been a sucker for songwriters who are able to paint vivid images into the listener's mind with little scribbles depicting the way the character reacts to certain things, lives out his or her daily life...Sufjan Stevens just makes it all seem distinctively fresh, fraught with sadness and grief in a surprisingly pleasant way. Just listen to 'John Wayne Gacy, Jr.'

I thought for years that I would never bring myself to appreciate chamber-folk music like his but after listening to Steven's 'Illinois', I might just be saved in time.

'Casimir Pulaski Day' is this indie-boy's favourite track at the moment!

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