Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey, you! The guy behind that turntable!

Music: Hard-Fi - Cash Machine (click to download)

I think it's safe to say that in Penang, the club DJs mock music enthusiasts like myself. They fucking disrespect the fact there are some people out there who can actually appreciate good music. It has been suggested by a friend of mine that I should quit clubbing altogether because she's done the same for 2 years now. Cold turkey. How convenient for some.

1. I didn't go into a club just to listen to stuff I can easily get from my mainstream radio. This includes Usher, Groove Armada, Madison Avenue (wtf!?) and Kylie Minogue.
2. I feel embarrassed that even after years of music pirating and peer-to-peering, customers are subjected to songs like remind us of the almost pathetic '80s music scene.
3. The Black Eyed Peas? Give me a break, you friggin' moron.
4. I hate the way the DJs spin their (CDs) with the exact same playlist week in week out...I could almost remember every little track sequence he's going to put up for the night!
4. I'm too much of an elitist to be listening to Bon Jovi, thank you very much.
5. I don't want some fat Indian cunt telling me that listening to hip hop and R&B is cool.

Since the demise of Orange, I feel that there has been a lack of creative turntablists in Penang; the best being from KL's 'Zouk' club. There's a new bar-cum-cafe smack in the middle of Pulau Tikus called 'Chic' and from judging from it's layout, design and the illin' shit they spin, it seems to be rather zesty to the senses. Shame about the lighting though! All in all, since Penangites have basically no other options to choose from (can't say that I like the live bands that perform in most of the clubs here), 'Chic' will have to do, for now.

How I wish Kurt Cobain was still alive. He wouldn't have let this happen.

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