Saturday, July 23, 2005

Being content, at last.

You know what? I've been pretty happy lately.

That pretty much explains the lack of need for me to post in my thoughts in here. Perhaps Momo's been the whole reason why I now can look forward into the future now. It took me awhile to understand things and learning to accept that sometimes, you don't always have to walk in fate's path. You could choose the other route and still be happy and content with things. Age is also another factor I've to's not like I'm getting younger by the minute!

I'm excited about Momo. This evening, we are heading out, taking a little step to the more casual side of our relationship and catch a movie together. This is one the norms that we practice whenever we've just come out of a huge quarrel. I smile at the thought of Momo lying on my shoulders whenever she catches a movie that she just doesn't get or when she lacks ample sleep time the night before. It does get a little irritating but once you've gotten used it, it can be one of those hidden comforts you look for in a relationship. Hey, at least she's sleeping on MY shoulders, right?

I'm surrounded by wonderful people in the blogosphere. I often read other people's journals and read journals of people stalking people. These are the little necessities of my life now. Retrospecting can be a wonderful thing if done moderately which is why I'm still maintaining the blog when I actually do not have to.

I'm overjoyed with the amount of moral and physical support that my close friends and family have given me throughout these years. I make it a point to pray every single night in hopes that these kind people are given the comforts of life and the wisdom to see them through. I laugh along with Brad, Brian, Catherine and Valen's jokes. I am proud that I do have friends who are intellectual enough to keep me awake at times. We've been through a lot with each other even when we least realise it and as time passes by, well, we all learn how to appreciate each other more than before. My Swedish cousins have been the most wonderful, patient and understanding family members that I've ever known; simply because they believe in me. I could never thank them enough, especially when coupled with their efforts to come here to see me in Penang.

Now, excuse me while I get dressed for my midnight show. I'll be back real soon to post more pictorials to all to see. Goodnight!

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