Monday, June 20, 2005

Massive pixel post!

Listening to: Adam Beyer (Live at Fuse-In Festival, Detroit) @ 05-29-05

Adam Beyer HAS to be the sickest DJ to have ever come out of Scandinavia. I've been fortunate enough to get my hands on the soundboard recording of his recent performance in motorland Chicago's annual dance festival and his set had no let downs whatsoever! I'll repeat; ADAM BEYER's one sick Swede!!

Debuting my digital camera and some random shots taken from Michelle's camphone. My new digital camera's from BENQ in case you were wondering.

some fuckin' artsy shot of brad fiddling with his cellphone
my pet companion extraordinaire, nobita
michelle's camphone shot of brad
taken @ chill out.
them two sarong party girls!
all smiles!
moes and me.
stalking moes to the bank.
night shot of evergreen laurel penang
brad viewing soccer betting sites...heh!
moes and me again.
braddie on the internet, this time browsing for porn! note tilted head!

Ok so I got trigger happy. Mouseover the images for a more detailed descripton (sorry that only works for Interne(rd) Explorer users!)

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