Thursday, June 02, 2005

June 01.

Coldplay - A Message/Square One/Talk (album edit, which is totally different than the one that leaked a few months back.)
Video: Coldplay - Speed of Sound (download the .mov file)
(download by clicking on the links)

From left: Guy, 'Mr. Paltrow', Will and Jon.

Yep folks! Looks like it doesn't it? As you can see from the music link above, the new Coldplay album, 'X & Y' is now illegally out and distributing healthily on your favourite torrent site (with loads of seeders and leechers to boot!).

I got pretty excited so I've only limited my listens to a mere single figure of times and selectively. I do that to almost every hyped-up album. As the official release date is a week away (06 MAY), could this mean that music-cum-internet geeks would take revenge of Capitol Records' shroud of secrecy behind this "semi-hyped" album by seeding this out for the sake of it? Coldplay isn't exactly my cup of tea but as alternative and indie music releases are scarce these few weeks, I wouldn't mind putting these post brit-pop poster boys' music on my mp3 player for the next couple of days.

As for what I think of the album, right now it's all plain neutral but I'm pretty sure this album will take awhile to digest (which is a good sign!)

On the workfront, today has been pleasantly fruitful. I've slowly become to realise how aggressive I'd actually need to be in order to gain recognition among my colleagues. I let my department manager know about my goals for this year as I'd like to increase my knowledge through constant training especially in the IT systems regularly used in the office.

It seems even more likely now that I should request for a departmental transfer or at least to attend technical classes on how to perform better in the logistics business. I've got 6 months to go before next year's performance review so this is a good time as any to at least secure myself a promotion or an increment next year. All this seems a wee bit far fetched though; my work partner backstabbed me a few months ago and forwarded a bunch of erotic gif files to the Human Resources Department manager.

Oh well there's simply no harm in trying to excel, right?

Update: About the video, don't it make you think of 3 music artists spontaneously? Kylie. U2 (Popmart). New Order (Crystal). I mentioned Kylie (Minogue) because of the technicolour effects used as a incorporated core effect of the video . I seem recall 1 or 2 videos from her that this video had striking similarities with. Gawd, I'm so brainwashed by MTV. Thank God my Astro subscription's cancelled.

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