Friday, June 03, 2005


Got my hair cut! Looks okay?

Woke up from my sleep at 1 a.m. I felt disturbed. I had a bad dream. Subconsciously had this poem in my mind at the time of posting this entry on the blog.

I suddenly woke up and realised that I don't have my soulmate anymore.
I remember that I used to believe in fairytale endings, not so anymore.
Is this it? Is this the end of everything that's sweet in my life?
Has this quarter-life crisis started to devour the hopes and aspirations;
whatever love I have left?

Bittersweet, careless romances,
Oh how they swept me off my feet in April's cold,
I left a wonderful dream only to regret in tears,
Sometimes I just want to reach out for your hands to hold.

We scribble our lives in ink,
Blotting our moment with our hearts and hands held together,
Wishing...wishing those were moments together,
Plotting for the future seems mundane without the sight of you.

Don't let go of the dream,
Don't forget our Valentine's kisses and sweet whipers at midnight,
Be true to what we set out for,
Let's make it right and set our lives alight.

Kinda random so forgive me if it seems a little corny. Hope this weekend treats you guys good, just 2 days away now!

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