Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday scribbles.

- It takes me awhile to start to notice things.

As I was downloading my own tracks off the server, I noticed the signage "HAPPY HOUR" on the download page. Well, turns out that Rapidshare multimedia files hosted here enjoy unlimited downloads from 03:00 CET to 06:00 CET (Central European Time; Paris). That's approximately GMT +1 hour.

- As for the celluloid front, here are some notable trailers of movies to be released in the near future:

i) War of the Worlds (Cruise-Spielberg money-makin' machine. And it's got Dakota Fanning!) - theatrical trailer
ii) Saving Face - (hilarious!) theatrical trailer
iii) History of Violence (Crononberg...'nuff said!) - theatrical trailer
iv) Dreamer - (This one's got Dakota Fanning too!) theatrical trailer
v) Me and You and Everyone We Know - theatrical trailer (a film by Miranda July, directorial debut of multi-talented indie artist; a story of the beauty of life's imperfections)

- Stumbled upon this website via JustJared about how you can mess around with the images hosted on's servers. Neat!

- I thought L. Lo had freckles?

- This one's rather delayed but the more I see this, the more it grows on me (no, not him but the pose with the cigarette dangling in his lips). Metrosexual guys or just plain gay men can view Jason Behr's editorial photo shoot here. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (hook up thanks to GreekPrincess).

Which poses the question of why do Westerners look hot on a Ducati while local men do not?

- Natalia Vodianova, the original Russian lolita, in the flesh. (NSFW)

- Royksopp's 2nd album?! WTF!? Wooohooo!! Rejoice!

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