Sunday, May 29, 2005

The demise of clubbing in Penang?

Ask any seasoned clubber in Penang and they will surely tell you that the clubbing scene in Penang is pretty much stale/dead/a waste of time. Clubbers should rejoice though. I was informed by a reliable source that a new club, that will feature house and techno music, will be opened in Pulau Tikus/Kelawai Road this late June 2005!

I'm not too sure about who's going to be spinning the decks. It possibly could be the semi-legendary DJ Lil Tim or DJ Joshua. In retrospect of what's happened in the past, I cross my fingers that Fuck Boy Ben won't be plying his trade in this new joint.

I'm still sourcing out from Michelle about the name of the place as well as its launching date. Anyway, it won't be any long now so we'll keep this blog thread opened and I'll update you on the info as they come by.

Looks like there is hope for Penang clubbers after all, if the cards are played right this time.

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