Thursday, May 26, 2005

Now that's $#@!-ed up.

Ok this is old stuff. If you're not into animal rights, fine, click here.
Otherwise I think it's the sort of thing that you wouldn't want to see with your stomach filled with chicken or steak during dinner.

What has the world come to? Now I understand the reason why PETA has been against fur as clothing. I've never thought of the situation being so bad. I have to start reconsidering my daily dietary intake now. Tofu and eggs, period?

* Note the raccoon being skinned alive and the jerking movements it gives after it's been degutted. The pitiful sight of the animal looking right at the camera.

The Chinese fur industry is seriously fucked up. For more information on how you can help to stop the violence, visit

+ Update: Bonzai Kittens?! Thank God it's only an urban legend...

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