Thursday, July 23, 2009

Surgery No. 4.

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I know I haven't posted much these few months. I thank my readers for their patience and understanding that during my absence, I'm nursing my condition and recuperating to the extent that I've had no appetite to blog on a regular basis.

After going through another cycle of cytotron in Bangalore, I requested to return early, having stopped midway through my therapy complaining about frequent nose bleeding and swelling of both the orbital and temporal area.

Fast forward to date, I am finding it increasingly hard to control my balancing and causing neck strains when there is a fluid build-up in the affected regions. The swelling has somehow pushed some cancer-infected cartilages from my sinus downwards towards my right nostril, triggering breathing problems. Severe headaches are also noted in the mornings too.

See the white stuff within the right nostril...that's my cancer pushed down to the tip of the nostril FROM the sinus.

Throughout my journey as a sarcoma cancer survivor, my experiences battling with it has been met consistently with stumbling blocks may it be in the form of therapy options or medical financial aid. But I'm thankful that at each hurdle that I meet, there's some form of reprieve. Many people out there who suffer the same plight don't get the necessary help to move forward so my heart goes out to those who are still longing for a break.

So, I brave myself for another personal milestone. Another craniotomy is scheduled this 7th August 2009 in HUKM to perform further cancer mass debulking and address alleged cancer cell apoptosis/necrosis in the swelled areas. That translates to three major surgeries in the period of 11 months!

It is my heart's desire to seek God for His grace, ensuring a successful op and quick recovery. I will never give up on my family and the good Lord will rise me up again from this forthcoming surgery.

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