Monday, February 09, 2009

Another surgery beckons?

I was hoping that if I could observe silence from my blog, that meant good progress on my health. But I guess it's not written in the stars. For the past few days, I've been suffering just like any brain cancer patient would (and I'm a skull-based cancer survivor mind you) with the extreme headaches and depleted appetite. I consider it to be a luxury that I could muster enough strength to even write at this particular moment.

The sinus problem I've mentioned back in January has started to evolve from causing severe nose bleeds to splitting headaches (counteracting the pain with mefenamic acid 250mg) around the orbit and temporal area - just like the ones I've experienced back in Bangalore before undergoing cytotron. It also needs to be noted that I am coughing out phlegm occasionally with streaks of blood in it. I am thinking objectively and the upcoming MRI (on brain) & CT scans (on skull and chest) this Tuesday will bring my current health complaints into clarification.

Just like how my cancer progressed from nothing to something in a short span of 1 month back in mid 2008, my hunch is that it's rebooting itself again; reinventing itself now that it cannot attack my eyes. The pain is so intense that there are days when I feel like Jonah (in the Book of Jonah) - that God does giveth and taketh away. Just months ago, I was feeling optimistic again about the possibility of a cure. Today, I fall back into the same wormhole that I was in back in July 2008...lost and uncertain. But the Lord also does display profound mercy to those who believe and I hold my last clutches of hope in the promise of that.

The likelihood that I'm to require invasive surgery to solve this problem won't surprise me at all after all the hell I've been through for the past few weeks. Question is: shouldn't I have a longer gap between brain surgeries?

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