Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All the young dudes.

Being a cancer patient, you wage an ongoing war against the toxins and roguing cells in your body. There are days when you feel that the battle is lost and then there are days when you feel motivated to make your stance, all thanks to family and friends who will stand by you and offer you nothing short but their care and love.

I had the pleasure and honour of meeting up with my old schoolmates recently at a gathering held in Medusa Gold, Gurney Drive on the 11th of October 2008. These fine gents and ladies graced the event to commemorate my successful return from surgery and to raise funds for my post-surgery treatment. As there was no alcohol consumption on my part, I honestly, soberly felt on top of the world when I saw these old faces, some of whom I've known since grade school.

Even though the battle is long and hard, I do not question the benefits of emotional support that friends can bring into the frame of things. I would like to again thank Beng Shang for initiating this gathering and to everyone who has made the sincere effort to participate.

Here are some shots taken during the evening:

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