Friday, August 15, 2008

Ogre eyed.

In less than 10 days after my last maintenance post, my condition has deteriorated significantly. Thus far, all three surgeons that I've seen have informed me that surgery will only best serve to remove 80-90 percent of cancer cells.

I'm staying away from my prescribed catabolic steroids (dexamethasone) until my surgery date is confirmed. A consultation session to discuss a CT scan done recently is scheduled on the 20th of August with my neuro plastic surgeon. I am trying my utmost best to be optimistic after a receiving a slew of demoralizing remarks from my doctors; one of them indicating that there's a chance that my right eye has to go. Currently, my right eye is functioning at only 5%; the optic nerves are affected by the cancer cells pressed against them. Everything that I look at with solely my right eye is clouded in white and colourless.

Two surgical teams are to be involved; the neurosurgery team and the craniofacial team. In addition to a craniotomy, a maxillofacial surgery will be performed around the right eye and upper cheeks to allow for greater access to the tricky areas where the cancer cells are nesting.

I'd love to go technical with this blog entry but my mind feels tired these days. I'll see if there's any scans that I can put up as appendixes later on.

NOTE: Today I don't feel so alone anymore. Someone had a good heart to post this up on a chondrosarcoma blog.

UPDATE (22 AUG 2008):
Here are a few scans to share; the first being the request form from the plastic surgeon, the second being my blood sample reading and the third showing you the results of my recent CT scan.

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