Monday, August 25, 2008

A cocktail of supplements.

Now by posting this, it doesn't mean that I've only just started taking care of my health. On the contrary, after my previous experience with viral drugs, I figured putting a little faith in medicinary supplements wouldn't hurt. A little Eastern touch here, a little Western science here. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm NOT getting paid to promote these items. I'm only publishing a reference of what I have been diligently supplementing myself for the past few days. I call it my 'detox cocktail'.

Every adult knows that at any period of time, should you decide to do a full scan on your body, chances are you have itsy-bitsy cancer cells lurking here and there. But nobody wants to know until symptoms crop up, yeah? Let's say the populist vote rules ("...why bother, dude?") but may I suggest, being a cancer patient, that you take a little effort to boost up your immune system just to be on the safe side. Most of us have read forwarded articles from family, friends and colleagues so that's good for you. Everyone out there who treasures life should take up exercising and daily supplements to protect their body from the toxins that breach through our immune system on a daily basis.

My list of supplements currently involves these products below. Now, there's absolutely no need for you to follow me like sheep. You can have your own eclectic mix of sorts. Do think around the lines of organic vegetable drinks and lots of detoxifying beverages.

This traditional herbal concoction made out of pure honey and black cumin seed is taken once a day in the morning before breakfast. A teaspoon mixed with lukewarm water and stirred anti-clockwise with a plastic spoon (as advised by my colleague).

A sachet of Nutriact or Refresh thrice a day. I mix it with approximately 150ml of cold water. Nutriact, a mushroom powder beverage, claims to be able to counteract the symptoms related to cancer.

My basic dose of antioxidants/vitamin C. Two tablets of USANA Proflavanol per day. You can also opt to get your antioxidants by drinking jasmine green tea too.

A 100% vegan and cholesterol-free multi-grain drink. If you're a traditionalist, you'd be pleased to know it contains only the finest ingredients (ginkgo, gorgon fruit, lotus seeds, ophiopogon root, mung beans) and best of all, easy on your digestive system. I consume this once a day by adding 180ml of water to 30g of powder. On and off, I'll mix it with some soya bean milk in case I feel like skipping a meal that day.

All products donated courtesy of the people I love. (See, I told you I wasn't getting paid!)

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