Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just another victim, kid.

Fellow blogger, 'MRftB' tagged me the other day. Yes, it's an abbreviation because she knows that I am very protective of her by nature. What better way to respond to these things than to expand with answers to questions you've always wanted to post up but never had the guts to.

Here goes nuthin':


First name: Brendan.
Nickname: Rocco. Yeah, like the Italian stallion.
Name u wish u had: Victorian-era British names. Alistair or Trevor would be nice.
Birthday: Binary codes 1101.
Birthplace: Penang.
Time of birth: Somewhere in the afternoon between 1300-1500hrs.
Single or taken: Single.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio.


How tall are you: 188 cm which translates to 6 feet 1 inches.
Wish u were taller: Nope, but I wish I was 20 pounds slimmer.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Eye colour you want: Blue? Is that doable? *looks at reflection on monitor*
Natural hair colour: Dark brown.
Current hair colour: Dark brown.
Short or long hair: Butched.
Ever dyed your hair a bizarre colour: Peroxided it when I was in high school but then again who didn't back then?
Curly, straight or wavy hair: If it's long enough, it'd be straight.
Last time u did something dramatic with your hair: Took me guts to make it happen but after years of maintaining a neat business-like hairdo, I decided to go for the chop when I was 23 years old.
Glasses or contacts: Glasses. Apparently chicks dig the geeky look.
Do you wear make-up: No.
Ever had hair extensions: No.
Paint your nails: No.


So what would be my ideal choice for a partner...hmm...

What colour of eyes: No preference.
What colour of hair: No preference.
Shy or outgoing: It depends. I wouldn't want to date someone who shuns away from a challenging night out.
Looks or personality: Looks! Looks! Looks! Naw, just kiddin'.
Sexy or cute: Can I say smart? Not too funky-looking...
Serious or fun: Fun to be with and serious in her opinions on matters.
Older or younger: I have absolutely no idea how to answer this.
Turn on: Passionate as a lover and intellectual as a friend.
Turn off: Diva-esque behaviour, lack of appreciation towards the arts, passiveness...


36. I've stopped believing in fairytales but hoping for a miracle.
35. I loved coffee and cigarettes. Now, I'm reprimanded for drinking tea.
34. I love dogs...even those that bark all the time.
33. I dislike cats.
32. Horror films make my day.
31. I have a need to exercise daily otherwise those dinners you invite me to would be automatically rejected.
30. It takes me an average of 3 days to reply lengthy emails from close friends.
29. I believe that women make lousy managers.
28. I think men can be egoistic bastards.
27. If I was born a female, I would have been a slut.
26. I love dancing, although I'm not really good at it.
25. I don't feel comfortable with the people in my Church.
24. I like to collect movie and CD artwork posters...the HUGE ones!
23. I rarely drink alcohol.
22. I've was murdered a cat when I was 9 years old...drowned it.
21. I've committed a theft when I was 9 years was a M.A.S.K. action figure.
20. I think Vespas and Piaggios rock!
19. I try not to keep in touch with ex-girlfriends in fear of hearing of their success in life.
18. I have a hard time waking up in the morning.
17. When I was a teenager, I wish I was Ethan Hawke playing the character named 'Troy' from 'Reality Bites'.
16. Now I wish I was 'Jessie' that Hawke played in 'Before Sunset'.
15. I like repetitive techno sounds.
14. I think I'm pretty good in geography.
13. Although I'll NEVER admit to it outside my journal, I used to listen to NKOTB a lot before I entered high school.
12. I've hardly read the newspaper ever since I had my broadband service installed.
11. I hate them emo kids and their emo hair.
10. Contrary to unpopular belief, I am not that attracted to women nor am I attractive to them.
09. Thick-framed reading glasses and cigarette smokin' women turn me on.
08. I love reading books but I've been lagging in my reading of late.
07. 'Ash Wednesday' by Ethan Hawke is my fondest literary purchase of all time!
06. Poison of choice: Kilkenny's or Guinness.
05. I believe that the sexiest women in the world (given a proper diet) would hail from Iceland.
04. I would love to travel to Paris, Reykjavik and Berlin (in that particular order).
03. I may be a slob at home but I'm organised at work!
02. I'm easy to be friends with.
01. I'm not a self-absorbed person; that explains the duration it took for me to finish this!

Most people who frequent this blog would chortle at the fact that I posted such a trivial thing in my blog. But I'm happy to say that just for today, I feel like dropping the snobbishness a wee bit just to cater for a brand new me.

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