Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just when you thought that was all.

XL Recordings have been nominated the exclusive rights to distribute the latest Radiohead album. So, what's Parlophone got up their sleeves? Well, radioheadstore rides the bandwagon following the success of 'In Rainbows' by launching a discography boxed set and invites hardcore fans to purchase the physical copy consisting of all 7 previous albums (under Parlophone) remastered and repackaged. There are also digital copies available but do not expect the similar emphasis on "name your price" practiced by the band during the worldwide digital release for 'In Rainbows'. Parlophone has also taken the current 'new marketing strategy' trend by making the albums available through a 4GB USB stick too.

Limited edition boxed set will be priced at GBP 39.99. DRM-free, 320 kbps digital download at GBP 34.99. The USB drive (based on the Kid A/Amnesiac killer bear logo) will be tagged at GBP 79.99.

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