Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Music: Nerina Pallot - Learning to Breathe (click to download)

Almost a year after my brain cancer, I have fallen ill again. But this time it's just a cold fever and mild case of bronchitis. My muscles weakened since yesterday; with scorching temperatures felt inside my body. Thank God I managed to get sound sleep last night. This afternoon, I am still struggling with slight headaches and phlegm but it shouldn't be too much of a hassle for me to return to my work tomorrow.

On a more serious note, my former colleague and mentor, Mr. Tay Ling Teik, is admitted to the hospital for a brain surgery. He was admitted at exactly 1400 hrs. More blog posts to follow. I am deep in prayers for my former 'sensei'. The grace of God will shine through Mr. Tay's life through the patient and articulate hands of Mr. Yoong (my surgeon) who will be manning the surgery.

It truly has been a chaotic time for everyone for the past two weeks. I hope that it all works out to an acceptable closure soon.

Updates at 2200 hrs: Mr. Tay is still out but still unconscious. Remarks indicate that the surgery was successful! Hallelujah!

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