Saturday, December 16, 2006

The one about this guy whose birthday falls on December 14.

I've got this friend. You can't count the merits this sort of friend has with your brain, mind or soul. He is truly priceless. My girlfriend and I both agreed mutually that he's one of the rarest souls on Earth. It is always COMFORTABLE being around him. Say this right into his face and I guarantee you that he'll blush. See, two days ago, he had his birthday and I'm glad that I've managed to get him a pre-planned birthday gift - something that actually meant something from the heart and I hope that he's enjoyed his early birthday gift thus far.

Rang him up at 11:59 pm, 2 nights ago. Chimes of "Happy Birthday", unmistakably from his wife rang through my ears. I'm glad that he's found the woman of his dreams and that they're both walking through this journey together. I wish him nothing but perfection, whatever that means to them.

I've known him since I was thirteen but deep inside my heart I wish I've known him all my life. And I'm always working towards that. He is Ryan Giggs the flesh. Witty, charming, responsible, steadfast, courteous, doesn't do 'hi fives' (heh!) and more importantly a very sensible friend.

The beautiful people, the beautiful people.

So here's to you Saw Leng Chong. Hope you had a joyous birthday and bear in mind that wherever you are...I'll always think of you, bud. Let next year be the year you finally decide to have a baby Giggs and name him so! This blog entry is dedicated solely to you without your knowledge of it being posted. Hope this finds its place inside your heart one day.

Your friend for life, Brendan.

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