Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Marauded! - The morning after (English).

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Taken from The Star, 21 Nov 2006. Additional news can be read directly from the source. More scans and image updates shortly.


More newspaper scans...

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UPDATES as of 21/11 at 2200 hrs: Police have apprehended four suspects that are linked to the robbery.

UPDATES as of 23/11 at 1300 hrs: The Royal Malaysian Police Force was quoted by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as confident to be able to recover all of the stolen goods in due time. More arrests will be made to assist investigations on the heist.

UPDATES as of 23/11 @ 1830 hrs: Mohd Yusof Abu Bakar's 'Mamak Gang' is believed to be involved in the MYR 50 million robbery. Although he has been arrested along with several key members of the gang in December 2004, new recruits are believed to have facilitated this new heist. More details as they are published.

UPDATES as of 25/11 @ 2200 hrs: A total of eight people have been detained following the investigation of the Bax Global microchip heist. Apologies for the scare updates but I will be posting scans early in the morning tomorrow.

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