Thursday, August 31, 2006

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Music: Yo La Tengo - Tears Are In Your Eyes (click to download)

This is one sad song. Download it, check it, keep it.

This Malaysian National Day, I'm reminded by my accident - the one that caused the muscles surrounding my knees to tear. It took me months to recover but I've never once gave up hope. I vaguely remember telling myself that life was a huge fight and it's the sort that needs character, not physique to withstand the torrents of life.

During that time of recuperation, I thought a lot about the power of love. We are what we are and yet sometimes I found myself thinking, "what is the perfect lover?". Do we compromise our companion's lack of precise knowledge about certain fields of things because she's wonderful in taking care of you? Or do we want fulfillment in both areas? There's never been a straight answer to that. I honestly feel that it's one of the mysteries of being devoted to one single person in your life.

I feel compelled to share this dumb poem which I've constructed yesterday in a short span of time in my office.

Love is an expenditure,
In itself an adventure,
Strawberry-laced hugs and sugar-topped sweet nothings,
Or so I was told.

Love is being romantic over cell phones,
Love is denying yourself condoms.
It could be the greatest hope of all,
And hurts so bad when it falls.

Love is running for miles,
On a treadmill towards a united destination,
Love is being thankful,
Like religion, comes the act of accumulation.

Love is an Adidas jacket,
Secretly buying it and then having a fight over its size,
Love is watching weekend movies,
Escaping realism albeit just for awhile.

The past becomes clearer,
Oh how disenchanted those who carelessly step into the ravine,
The future becomes a new leash of hope,
With all the promises each new love holds.

Lust is a pop song,
Glittery and shiny in all its glory,
True love is fashioned like a post-rock song,
Aggressive and full of dramatics...

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