Monday, June 12, 2006

Freaky soda pop.

Music: Technasia - The Steppin Show (with John Thomas) (click to download)

Damn I wish I could still dance.

Lookie, lookie, what dropped by the mailbox today? Detroit sounds submerge my living room as I blog this. Like many releases from them before this, Technasia's 'Popsoda' is arguably this year's best techno album ever, interlaced this time around with thumpin' tribal beats. At times, I think the Chemical Brothers' title for 'big beat champions' have been dethroned by these tag-team deckmeisters based in Hong Kong. From the outset, this release features a more mature mix; gone are the days when Technasia samples classical Chinese opera monologues as interludes. 'Popsoda' is quite diversified in many areas ('Ghett-o-Freak', '2 the Floor') and ecstaticly catchy in more composed downtempo pieces ('Eternity Is Almost Forever', 'Tropicalia I', 'Life Cycles').

I'm heading to the gym today with this playing on my MP3 player. Of course, I won't be bring the disc with me - I'm far too concerned about keeping it mint.

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