Saturday, May 20, 2006

Conspiracy theories.

Music: Keane - Is It Any Wonder? (click to download)

How did I manage to get brain cancer in the first place?

1. Excessive cigarette smoking, exposing my lungs and blood vessels to free radicals.
2. Work hazard; having based in a warehouse for six months before my resignation from my former company. Possible inhalation of sawdust material from wooden pallets.
3. Improper diet. Malaysian food tends to be rich in toxins and unsupervised preparation. Let's consider nasi kandar restaurants...notice that cancer patient numbers have been on the up ever since nasi kandar restaurants have been opening chains across the nation?
4. Irregular sleep hours. I've been known to be an insomniac.

What am I working on?

1. Nicotine patch for the cigarette cravings.
2. Nothing much to do since I'm based in the office. Would have to remind myself to take it easy and ensure I get fresh air in the mornings before heading to work, if I ever return to work.
3. Sugar-free, fibre-rich diet. Breakfast should be taken with a cup of carrot juice (alternate days) and citrus (daily). To avoid fried food altogether, permanently. Ensure daily meals are filled with steamed/olive oil, msg-less stir fried vegetables and fruits as dessert.
4. Commit myself to sleep by 0000 hours daily.

The post-surgery MRI results will be out in 2 hours. I'll update more on my status then.

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