Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The visit from angels.

Ok. I just got the biggest surprise in my whole life. People are actually concerned of me! Just 40 minutes ago, the great folks from my company and Korean Air came over all the way during lunch hour to see how things have been going for me at home. There must have been at least 18 people crammed up into my small apartment! What I initially thought was just a visit from a few colleagues became a gathering-sized event. Everyone from my branch manager, transport department manager, airfreight division manager, my partner, closing & billing department and a host of other subordinates...I am just utterly speechless right now.

One of my managers reassured me that the medical insurance from the company would cover at least MYR 25,000 for the operation so I shouldn't worry about getting the surgery done ASAP. My branch manager told me if there was a need for a blood donation drive especially for my case, they will wholeheartedly initiate it so there goes another problem being solved!

I'm truly blessed...I feel truly honoured. They've given me added confidence to go through the surgery and recover in time for work again. The visit from the carrier people meant something extra too. Alan, Zack, Adnan, Seen Mun...thanks for dropping by, you guys!

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