Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dollars & cents: The guarantee letter.

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Approximately 5 more days to go before I check-in to the hospital. This is getting really intense for me borderlining anxiety, seriously. I've received the paperwork that I've been hoping for; my company's guarantee letter for my brain surgery.

The amount stated in this letter will basically cover the deposit required by the hospital...the only thing now that's gonna be of some worry is if they require additional funds to dig into their blood bank. Yes, like your favourite watering hole, private hospitals do charge by the pint! From what I've gathered, every single donor who comes to my aid will be charged MYR 140.00 per head, payable by my family of course. That's just plain insane, isn't it? That goes to show that it's always better to give away your blood to the governmental hospitals because there's always benefits in the long run (free hospitalization, free immune jabs, etc).

Guess I'm all set for the knife this coming Thursday, 27th of April 2006. My company's really helped out tremendously. All I can do now is pray hard and steadfastly for a positive result. I'd like to thank my airfreight manager, Miss Chong for dropping by again this afternoon.

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