Thursday, March 02, 2006

God is great!

Music: Paul McCartney - How Kind of You

The events that has happened in the past 2-3 days have got me thinking. God is one great comedian, who is more often than not, unsung by the majority of His children.

Surrounded by close friends who often mock the greatness of God is hardly flattering. Christianity has recently taken a back seat but it hasn't disappeared from my life. Yes, I do feel a little disappointed at the sudden jolt of reality; kids killing their parents, daylight robberies and etc. There are times when I sympathize with God on what the world has become but at the same time quite pleasantly surprised that His prophecy is slowly becoming true. Looking at the state of the world today, it's rather safe to say that "yeah, the end is nigh".

People like me will NEVER fully understand His ways and I accept that. I understand that sometimes when bad things happen to us, it's His way of showing his sense of humour that we often overlook as pure 'unfairness'. Embracing the good teachings that is stipulated in the Holy Bible and sharing with friends and family of the good news is really rewarding in its own right. Nothing is more important in life than your relationships with people and God. Yeah, it's even more significant than my credit cards, I'll tell you that!

I'm happy to have known the people who love & mock my main man. I am joyous that He gives me this chance to live my daily life, getting to know people who'll help me walk the walk of life. It's easier to dismiss these things when you don't deal with people on a daily basis but I do. So I vouch for you on that, my Heavenly Father.

Just wanted to drop a line in my blog to say thanks for everything, God. I know you'll probably be too busy to read my journal but it's nice to know that you're watching out for me and once in awhile reminding me that you DO have a masterplan to execute.

Here's to you my Lord. You've been a huge part of the latter years of my I would hate to lose you now.

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