Sunday, January 22, 2006

I really need to get some shut eye.

Music: Beck - Devil's Haircut (Noel Gallagher Mix) (click to download)

I've just reached home after a 4-hour work training session held in the main office. It was beginning to bore the hell out of me; started off pretty well but things went astray midway, likening to a discussion forum of sorts.

There are times when lack of decent sleep can affect you in ridiculous ways. Turning 27 this year doesn't make things better of course. Had a splendid evening with the lads over at SoHo and ran through a short brainstorming session on how we were going to incorporate some abstract ideas into our 1st indie film, which will indefinitely be shelved for a year before hitting Cannes, naturally! Think of it as our labour of love...we would be running on a pretty low budget by the time production starts in March and I'm expecting my good friend Brian to cook up a script that's 'promiscuous' and snappy since we only have less than 30 minutes to impress the audiences. I'll tell you what though - it'll be one of the first Malaysian indie films to feature nudity...*chortle*

Anyway, I got back home at five in the morning and then realised that I had this training course to attend at nine! Half-asleep and half-irritated, I put on my eyemask and set the alarm to wake me up in two hours! This (late night partying) obviously got the better of me as I dozed in and out of sleep during the speaker's presentation this morning. I don't blame myself though - it was that boring and irrelevant to what I'm supposed to be doing at work!

Tonight I'll be attending Michelle's dad's birthday dinner. Not sure what to wear. Yes, it is going to be my first meeting with him and I'm quite anxious about it. Some may choose to call this the 'father-in-law' syndrome.

What'll I say?
What'll I do?
What'll I eat???

I pray to God he doesn't judge me on my battered eye bags.

Pictorial post coming up tonight but I've gotta catch up on some sleep first.

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