Sunday, January 29, 2006

'Broken Flowers'

Managed to spare some time to watch 'Broken Flowers' in the late afternoon during the 1st day of Chinese New Year. Wouldn't call it an instant indie classic as the routes taken by director Jim Jarmusch have all been taken before. Majority of the story is built around a thematic approach and hidden metaphors. Clearly this one of those art-house films that's thoroughly engages one with a vivid imagination and perceives intelligent films as the true celebrated art.

Quirky and colourful characters light the screen although personally I feel that Bill Murray should start staying away from these roles (think Adam Sandler on drugs) for now. Some screencaps of Bill Murray adorning some nice Fred Perry threads and some NSFW ones of Alexis Dziena for you readers out there.

Bill in Freds:

Dziena playing Lolita:

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