Sunday, December 18, 2005

Friends are drugs for the soul.

Music: Wilco - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (from 'Kicking Television: Live in Chicago') (click to download)

Aaahh...Wilco. What a grand way to start off my Sunday. Just two hours into my Sunday afternoon and I'm already having a blast posting up some photos taken on Michelle's brand new 'Sony Ericsson W800'.

Anyway, it's nice to have the old crew back again (Brian, Brad, Catherine, Michelle and me). Everyone gathered up in 'Chic' in support of Penang's own Lil' Tim who fulfilled my own personal request for a techno night! Entered the place with an almost empty dance section but our small little private party was certainly a welcome sight after a pretty long hiatus away from each other, no thanks to some parties hailing from bloody Scandinavia. If there's one thing that I've learnt from the past is that Europeans scare the 'gejunggongs' out of me. Maybe this is just a general consensus and it is certainly my own personal opinion, but hey, no one's asking for anyone's opinion now.

When you have brilliant tech-house nights like the night before, you can't escape the frivolous gang of Melbourne shufflers taking main stage. None of us were actually interested but they were indeed remarkably a lively lot. Catherine was not one to be taken alight though - she took my umbrella and spun around her space like a crazy wombat. So was Michelle, she certainly busted some rave moves whenever she felt like it. Most notably, Brian paid attention to the shufflers dance movements too; probably because he'd like to emulate them in months to come!

Brad has certainly lost a lot of weight lately, which is alarming to Catherine who duly commented that he should've taken more Penang food while he's back albeit for only a night or two. Brian was a little chirpy and cheerful last night; wondered if he's been into techno lately because he certainly wasn't up to the 'ghetto vibes' once we bar-hopped to 'Glo'.

On a sidenote, I am envious of Brad's coming home present for Catherine though! Shiny, brand new 'Lacoste' sneakers which were well worth the attention! Price-wise, Brad mentioned that its way cheaper back in Singapore compared to the retail value here in Malaysia (or Thailand for that matter).

In the tradition of "no talk, all action", I'd like to present to you some pictures taken yesterday night:

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