Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The one about ignorant policemen and ministers.

As further news develops on the 'lokap girl' case...

Quoting Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar in BBC News today: "The Malaysian minister in charge of the police has said that foreigners who do not like the way his officers behave should leave the country."

We're talking about human rights abuse and the humiliation of suspect(s) possibly without concrete evidence! I wonder what would happen to the country if businessmen, in boycott, took a leap of faith and plummet the nation's economy into shambles and left for China's industrial boom instead. What would be the last straw? Is Pak Lah's influence inside the government body waning as months pass?

For all we Malaysians know by word of mouth, strip searching by the police force is indeed a common procedure and occurs ever so often in police stations across the country.

Some bloody motherfucking assholes, no matter what their ranks are, just never learn.

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