Friday, September 23, 2005

What does one blog in under 30 minutes?

Music: The Strokes - Juicebox (click here to download)

*looks at my stopwatch...2:15*

I apologise for the lack of updates for the past week. Nothing came up, it's just that I've been enjoying far too much music against my will. Feeding off some recommendations from friends, I've been pinned right in the middle of a discussion among of my friends of what some may call the early rollcalls for album of the year. So far, this year's releases have been rather tepid with the DCFC 'sell-out album' being the most remarkable one this month.

For all I know, I've been going around friends' blogs (this means yours too, Ain) and clicking on multimedia stuff they've dug out from out of nowhere. Link-pimping can be such a handy barter deal when you've got friends who're into more or less the same music genre as you are. Having said that, whoever's into the whole indie scene, or if you've managed to sneak in your digital camera into Zouk KL's 'Twilight Actiongirl' events, send some piccies over and I'll post them up here accredited to you of course. But please, deter from sending pics of emo kids because I have detected allergies to these 'things'.

And I find this blog rather interesting...the lad's even got radio. Haven't tried it yet - the blogger's Mum might have shutdown the desktop on the other side and cause my old skool (i.e: est. 2002) PC to crash.

Here are some pictorials to share. Snapped these during my brief hiatus from this journal of mine.

SOHO with Brad, Brian, Fiona and Michelle

Image hosted by
An insider's joke: 'Lily and Corro'.
We're's official!
Fiona, unofficial spokeswoman for Ramlee know, the sort that uses intestines!
Brian's enjoying his chicken intestines too, eh?
Brad, looking geeky!
Soho was packed with 'fudgeys' that night.
And obviously Brendan ain't too happy 'bout that, mate!
Fiona will be the next face of HSBC...whatcha think?
Geek Brad on a high...females not featured in picture. Heh!

CHIC with the Penang Indie Super Snobs (P.I.S.S.)!
'Just escaped from detention'. From left: Joshua, me, Duddits, Azan
Duddits' certainly happy about his new haircut.
Azan feeling rather bloated with the amount of Ribena he's been drinking!
Brian posing with his authentic CBGB t-shirt...bloody wanker!
The man with the best CD collection in Penang, Swee Jin (pictured with Fred Perry polo)
Swee Jin: was nothing! Mere clicks on amazon and insound and I'm cream of the crop!
Duddits not feeling too happy that his mp3 collection's outdone by Swee Jin's plastic counterpart. *cough*
Momo's all smiles! "Geeky snobs", she exclaims.
Even Fiona doesn't give a rat's ass about Brian's t-shirt! Shame on you Fione!
Is Swee Jin oogling at your shirt or Fiona's skirt, mate?

Ipoh trip with my family
Cloudy, cloudy Ipoh!
Lotsa strangeee looking buildings here.
Seriously not in a good mood because I didn't shower all day!
Dinner time with my parents...what do you think we were going to order?
That's a fuckin' hint innit?
There you go...boiled chicken...Ipoh-style!
Ok Bren...calm is being served.
Mushroom and chicken leg with soy sauce.
Steamed asparagus.
My brother Kabes.
My father.
Mum...feeling a little awkward because this is my first family outing since...2002?
My brother snapped this...thought I'd share it with y'all.

Well there. Received these batch of photos from a friend who apparently got himself free passes into I wouldn't know how authentic are these but they're worth a thousand words. Click on the thumbnails below for a slight larger view (NSFW).

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

For crying out loud, my just-recently-materialised company monthly newsletter has a freaky underaged girl themed blog. I don't know about my esteemed readers but isn't a blog a place where one shares ideas and not getting overcarried with the whole "how ya doin' paddy?" thing? When it comes to a semi-official company newsletter, I think one should astrain from penning out their utterly dull lifestyle for colleagues to read about.

Free Image Hosting at
Click image for a larger view.

It's been recently revealed who the author is and despite my tolerance for 'dumb blonde' themed blogs, I can't see anyone who'd be remotely interested in this shallow piece of work!

Lastly...I've begun to question the point of fidelity in some people's relationships, including my own when there's just so many 'making-up' sessions to be done without actually having done anything wrong. I'm still trying to cope with the fact that insecurity comes with the territory though.

Time: 0243 hours. Time to go watch Real Madrid lose another match in 2 hours' time.

My 30 minute's over. Damn.

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