Tuesday, September 27, 2005

7 Days / 7 Dias.

Mexican film, '7 Days' (7 Dias) depicts a story about the 7 day struggle of a Mexican native (Claudio) who lives in Monterrey that tries to pull off a betting scam against the mob in order to organise a U2 concert in his city. When all things go haywire, fate and coincidence gives the young man a chance to redeem himself, achieve his dreams and to save himself from the mob.

The cast includes relatively famous actors such as Jaime Camil, Martha Higareda and Julio Bracho and Sofia Vergara. Official release dates (courtesy of U2log) set for this film: Mexico 30 September 2005, USA 4 November 2005.

For more info and downloads, head over to the film's official page at http://www.7daysthemovie.com/english/

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