Thursday, August 04, 2005

What's in my pirate treasure chest these days?

Music: M.I.A. - Pull Up The People (click to download)

I've been busy trading some pirated DVD boxed sets with my colleagues lately and these are just waiting to be watched over the weekend.

1) The Adventures of Indiana Jones
2) The Twilight Zone (2002)
3) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I've actually finished watching 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' last night and I feel that it's definitely scarier than the original cult favourite. Sure, I can see why a lot of critics dissed the film for its Hollywood-esque approach to the storyline but sometimes hype (or bad publicity in this film's case) is just a bitch. If you're into modern slasher films with almost zero sense of humour (thank God), this one's it.

As for the remarks from fans of the original 'The Twilight Zone', I'm definitely reserved and keeping mum about it until I actually finished this boxed set. I'm just hoping that it doesn't bore the hell out of me. After all, it was cancelled on UPN after just one season. I'll try to watch this with an open mind.

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