Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday scribbles.

-, widely known as the official website of New Order has posted that there is to be an album some time in 2006. After a rousing welcome back to the electronica scene, it is not a surprise for Bernard Sumner and Co. to do a follow-up but why the rush?

Speaking of New Order, its predecessor, Joy Division albums can be downloaded from this rather funnily 'webscript-protected' site. Just add /music001/ and you can instantly enjoy Joy Division's 3 classic albums; 'Still', 'Substance' and 'Unknown Pleasures'. Gotta love them Russian web designers! Heh!

- TV Smith poses the question, 'Are You Malaysian?'

- Maybe I'm a late boomer when it comes to discovering really funny websites. This one takes the cake and so much more!

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