Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fixing some glitches.

Since this blog of mine is relatively new, there are bound to be speedbumps here and there. I've noticed that loading time this page is relatively slow at times especially the images so I've decided to test drive other image hosting servers which I hope will solve this problem permanently.

So far, has been crappy for me. One upload per day? Ughh..

I've considered direct linking from Imageshack too but there's no way that I could manage the files on Imageshack once it's transferred.

Any other good options that doesn't require me to spend a single penny? I'd say:

- 25MB is good enough.
- able to at least withstand approximately 30-50 loading times per day; 200 mb bandwidth?
- No limits of upload size. I fancy putting hi-quality images up every now and then.

Wait. That's sounds like Hello! But again, I need the ability to edit, move and delete my files!

One solution would be to host all my personal pictures on Photobucket and the ones that I don't own in Imageshack's servers. Sounds good doesn't it?

Warghh...still wish everything could be hosted in one place! Do I really have to use my Paypal account?

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